Once in your Cuboh dashboard, please select the "mapping" tab.

To map delivery application modifiers to POS main items:

  1. Please select the modifier that you want to update

2. Hover over to "Change Modifier Type" and choose "Replaces Main", or "Additional Item".

Replaces Main will overwrite the mapping that you had chosen under "Menu Items", which comes handy for items like Sodas, and Sizes, where the modifier changes how the item should be entered in the POS.

Additional Item will enter the modifier as another item in the POS without replacing the item that it was ordered under, which comes handy for sides, and upsells

3. After changing the modifier type, you will see a new label beside the item, and the POS menu bar at the top will now display main items instead of modifiers

4. Search in the POS menu bar at the top to choose the new match for your modifier. Click on "Map Items". This new item is what will be entered into your POS every time the modifier is ordered on the specific application(s)

Need help mapping a delivery application modifier to a POS item? Here is a short video tutorial:

Need a refresher on a certain setting? Check out this article on how to manage your settings on the Cuboh app!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team via email at support@cuboh.com, via phone at 855-572-8264, or through the Live Chat icon on Cuboh.

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