Whenever there is an update in any of your menus (delivery applications or POS), you will need to process a "Sync" aka "Synchronize Menus" on Cuboh in order to make the changes visible. Making these changes visible will allow you to map them so that they can translate to your POS seamlessly when an order is placed.

In order to process a "Sync", your new menu updates need to be live in both the POS and/or delivery applications.

Note: Adding a menu item or modifier to a delivery application, but marking it as inactive or indefinitely sold out will prevent it from appearing on your Cuboh dashboard.

If you wish to make these new updates but want to leave them as unavailable to order, please mark them as live only while the "Sync" is in process. As soon as the "Sync" is done and you can see the new changes in the dashboard, please mark these changes as "Sold Out" on the delivery applications.

Note: a "SYNC" saves your latest updates to Cuboh, which means that if you make a menu change after syncing, it will not affect your existing mapping).

In order to process a "Sync" please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the "Mapping" tab on your Cuboh Dashboard

2. On the top left corner, you will be able to see the last time a "Sync" was run. To run a new "Sync" press on the "Synchronize Menus" button

3. You will see a pop-up on the top right corner of the screen. The menu will be locked while the "Sync" is running to make sure that none of the information currently synchronizing is not corrupted. You will also be able to see what applications are currently "Syncing"

4. When the "Sync" is done, the menu will populate again and Cuboh will show a success message in the "Sync" pop-up

Need a refresher on a certain setting? Check out this article on how to manage your settings on the Cuboh app!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team via email at support@cuboh.com, via phone at 855-572-8264, or through the Live Chat icon on Cuboh.

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