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Managing your settings on the Cuboh app
Managing your settings on the Cuboh app

Once you've downloaded the Cuboh app, follow this guide to configure your settings!

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To get to the Cuboh Settings, click on the 3 horizontal lines in the upper left-hand corner of your tablet screen.

Auto Print ASAP Orders

This feature can be toggled to Active or Inactive.

Active means that new orders will automatically be sent to In Progress -- the tablet automatically accepts the orders for you. You will still see the New Order screen; however, it will go away on its own and the order will be accepted within a few seconds.

Inactive means that you will have to accept the New Order notification and tap Send to Kitchen to accept the order.

Sending an order to the kitchen will do 3 things:

  1. The order will be accepted on the app.

  2. The order will be sent to your connected POS or printer.

  3. The order will move to the In Progress section on Cuboh.

Auto-Print Scheduled Orders

If you would prefer for scheduled orders to send automatically to the kitchen (rather than Snoozing them for later), you can set Auto-Print Scheduled Orders to Active.

If you decide to set Auto-print Scheduled Orders to Active, please note that scheduled orders will print as soon as they are placed, even if it's hours or days before they are due to be ready.

Printer Connections

Use Printer Connections to connect a Star Micronics (LAN, Wifi or Bluetooth) printer to Cuboh.

If you have a direct integration with your POS that includes the printing of orders, you can skip this step.

To set up your printer:

  1. Plug in the printer, turn it on, and ensure it is plugged into your wifi router with an ethernet cable (if applicable).

  2. Ensure the tablet is connected to the same wifi network as the printer (this is needed for the tablet to recognize it).

  3. On the Cuboh tablet, go to Settings --> Printer Connections.

  4. Cuboh will search for the printer. Once it pops up, toggle ON and hit Save.

  5. Your printer should be connected.

    Printer Settings

    1. Under this category, you can control your font size by selecting Medium or Large font size.
    2. Toggle to active ''Show Item Prices'' if you would like the receipts to print with the prices of the individual items.
    3. Toggle to active ''Print Cancelled Orders'' if you want cancelled orders to print a cancellation receipt.


This is your 86-ing function. All of your delivery app menu items will show up under the Menu, organized by name. You can filter the view on this category to view only the menu for a specific merchant as well.

You can search for an item and toggle it Inactive as needed. To reverse this, just switch the toggle back to Active.

This is a same-day deactivation so if you know you’ll be out of stock of an item for a longer period, let us know at and we can adjust your menu more permanently.

Preparation Times

When you set your preparation times on Cuboh, we send them to the delivery app when each order is accepted. It answers the question “how long will this specific order take?“. This is used to help guide the delivery app and tell them when to send a driver.


Pickup Time represents your prep time -- this is the amount of time between when you confirm an order to when the driver should come get it. This is important if you use the drivers employed by the delivery apps or if customers can pick up orders at your restaurant.


Delivery Time represents the amount of time between when you confirm an order to when it will be delivered by your driver. This is only important if you use your own drivers or if you outsource drivers (e.g. using DoorDash Drive) -- you don't need to set a Delivery Time if you only use the drivers employed by each delivery app.

Default Snooze Minutes

​If you have not set Auto-print Scheduled Orders to Active, you’ll get a notification with each future/scheduled order asking if you want to snooze this order and send it to the kitchen at a more reasonable time. Your Default Snooze Minutes determines when you will be reminded of order again if you choose to Snooze it for later.

Help & Support

Use Help & Support to open a live chat with our Customer Success team. This is the best way for you to ask questions to our team -- we’ll get back to you ASAP (usually within 5 minutes).

Reach out to us here for any:

  • Technical issues

  • Changes to your menu or hours

  • General Cuboh questions

If you prefer email or phone, you can also get in touch with us at or 855-572-8264.

If you're interested in a more visual walkthrough of the Cuboh application and it's settings, check out the video below!

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