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PixelPoint Reseller Guide

A technical overview of the requirements for the PixelPoint x Cuboh Integration.

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This integration has been built to the specifications of the PAR Reseller Configuration Guide. Your Cuboh Onboarding Specialist can share this PDF from PAR upon request.

The basic requirements of this integration include:

  • EOI license (Called “WebToGo” on License Manager).

  • Sales type,

  • web employee,

  • EOI Pixel station running ‘as administrator’, with the local printers setup as you would a normal POS station.

Other Notes:

  • Minimum Pixel Version for EOI is 12.3.

  • Our application uses NET 4.0. We are only using the ProcessRequest function of IPixPosTrans interface at PixelPoint.dll.

  • For Resellers – Windows IoT (which is an embedded version of Windows) doesn’t support all .NET functionality. Likewise, the integration may not be supported by stations that are on Windows IoT.

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