In order to effectively import your DoorDash menus to the Cuboh Dashboard, we need to use your DoorDash Store ID. This number is unique to your DoorDash store and will differ between each location.

Find your Store ID from DoorDash's public ordering page.

To find your ID on DoorDash's customer facing website:

  • Navigate your your DoorDash storefront

  • Look at the URL (the web address on your browser)

  • Note the string of numbers at the end of that address, that's your Store ID!

    In the example above, the Store ID is 1150991

Find your Store ID from DoorDash's Merchant Portal.

To find your Store ID from DoorDash's Merchant Portal, please follow the steps below:

  • If applicable, click "Stores" from the navigation bar and select the relevant location

  • Check in the URL bar for the ID after the "?store_id=" string. In this example, it's 1150991. That's all we need!

For more help finding this ID, please contact your Cuboh Onboarding Specialist.

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