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Printing Cuboh orders with Clover POS
Printing Cuboh orders with Clover POS

This article will walk you through how to make sure your orders print through your Clover POS.

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As of October 6, 2021, Clover POS users will have their Cuboh orders print automatically through Clover by default. There is no need to install a printing app on the Clover Marketplace.

Quick facts about printing to Clover POS

  • When the order is sent to the kitchen on Cuboh, it will be sent to Clover to print and will follow any printing rules set up in Clover.

  • Cuboh does not have control over the way your Clover POS printouts are formatted. To manage what prints on your Clover receipts, please go to Setup > Order Receipts on your Clover device.

  • If you would like to turn off auto-print through Clover, please reach out to and our team can turn the feature off for you.

How to ensure your orders print through your Clover POS

Make sure your default printer is set on your Clover POS.

To adjust your default printer, navigate to Setup > Devices on your Clover device.

If you have multiple Clover devices, ensure your Default Firing Device is set to the device your printer is attached to.

To check which device is used as the default firing device

  1. On your Clover device, open the Setup app.

  2. Select Online Ordering.

  3. Select Settings.

  4. The selected device appears under Remote firing device for Clover online ordering.

Note: these steps must be done by a Clover admin user.

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