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Enrolling in Cuboh Device Manager
Enrolling in Cuboh Device Manager
Cuboh's Device Management System allows our Support team to better assist and diagnose issues as they arise.
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Restoring your device to Factory Defaults:

  1. Open the Settings app on the device Home Screen

    Note: this is different than Cuboh app settings).

  2. Scroll down and select "System"

  3. Tap "Advanced" to reveal "Reset Options", then select that.

  4. When presented with the three option, select "Erase All Data"

    Warning: This will delete everything from the tablet and cannot be reversed. Rest assured, your Cuboh account information will be unaffected.

  5. When prompted, tap "Erase Everything", the tablet will now reboot and restore.

Enrolling your device in Cuboh's Device Manager:

  1. Once the tablet has rebooted, you'll see the Android setup screen, which says "Hi there". Do not proceed with the set up process.

  2. Tap anywhere on the blue area of the screen (don't hit any buttons) six times, you'll see a countdown in the lower half of the screen, then the device's camera will open.

  3. Scan the QR code provided by your Cuboh representative.

  4. Configure the device WiFi when prompted, then tap "Next"

  5. On the "Set up your device" screen, read and accept the terms and conditions.

  6. Now it's time to install the apps used by Cuboh. Tap the "Install ▶︎" button on the "Work Apps" to set started. Cuboh installs two apps onto the device:

    1. EMM Companion: This helps us set up and manage the device, as well as support you remotely when needed.

    2. Cuboh: This is our app, we can't wait to help you streamline your online ordering.

  7. Next, we need to hit ""Set up ▶︎" on the Mambo card, this helps us set up and manage the device, as well as support you remotely when needed.

  8. You'll then see a prompt reminding you that Cuboh manages this device, once you've read it, tap "OK".

  9. The device is now set up. Happy Online Ordering!

If you don't see the Cuboh App after completing the install process, please tap the "EMM Companion" app, allow 10 minutes, then reboot the device.

For further support, please reach out to your Cuboh Account Manager or Cuboh Support.

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