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Integrating Fresh KDS with Cuboh
Integrating Fresh KDS with Cuboh

Additional information on how to integrate Fresh KDS with your Cuboh Dashboard.

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Integrating your FRESH KDS (Kitchen Display System Software) with Cuboh is a seamless process that allows you to streamline your order management and kitchen operations. With this integration, you can enjoy efficient order processing.

Follow these steps to set up the integration:

Integrating your FRESH KDS with Cuboh

  1. Log in to your Cuboh Dashboard, then Navigate to Manage > Integrations > Fresh KDS.

  2. Watch the Fresh KDS Cloud tutorial and follow the tutorial’s steps to create your Integration Token and make sure to copy it.

  3. Return to your Cuboh Dashboard, on the Fresh KDS integration page, and find the option to add your Fresh KDS token.

  4. Paste the Token you retrieved from Fresh KDS.

  5. Hit Submit!

Now that your FRESH KDS integration is set up and active, orders that come in through the Cuboh Tablet will also appear on your Fresh KDS Cloud screen, making it easier to manage your kitchen operations.

Enjoy your FRESH KDS Cloud Integration!

Note: The previous integration using the Fresh KDS SDK, which was configured as a tablet connection on the Printer Connections screen from the Cuboh tablet, will be deprecated in the next few weeks. Ensure a smooth transition by following these steps to set up the new Fresh KDS Cloud <> Cuboh integration.

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