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Downloading the Cuboh App
Downloading the Cuboh App

Just received your Cuboh tablet? Follow these steps to download the Cuboh Android App.

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These steps outline Cuboh's install process for Android devices. For further support, please reach out to your Onboarding Specialist.

Devices shipped out by Cuboh have the app pre-installed, but if you wish to install our app on your own device, please follow the steps below. For the most reliable experience with your tablet, we recommend Enrolling it in Cuboh's Device Manager, which will install our app automatically and position our team to provide improved support service.

First, let's walk through the initial setup on the tablet.

If you are using a Cuboh provided tablet, it must be set up out of the box. The most important step here is connecting to a WiFi network. Most other steps will allow you to click "Skip" or "Save for Later". For our purposes, only a WiFi connection is needed.

1. Power the tablet on and hit Start.

2. Follow the prompts to connect your tablet to WiFi.

3. When asked if you want to copy apps & data, hit Don't Copy.

4. When asked to connect a Google account, hit Skip then Accept.

5. When asked to create a screen lock, hit Skip.

Next, we will download the Cuboh app.

1. When you get to the home screen, navigate to the Google Chrome browser

2. In your browser URL bar, type in -- this should begin the download.

3. Follow the prompts to download and install the Cuboh app.

4. You may see a warning saying you are not allowed to install unknown apps.

Hit Settings and allow unknown apps for Google Chrome.

Hit the back arrow to return to the install screen.

5. After installing, hit Open.

Lastly, it's time to log into the Cuboh app!

1. Log into the Cuboh app using your provided username and password.

If you don't yet have a username and password, reach out your Cuboh onboarding specialist and they will provide it.

2. Once you have logged in for the first time, check out this article to get familiar with the Cuboh settings and how to manage your orders. :)

If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team via email at, via phone at 855-572-8264, or through the Live Chat icon on Cuboh.

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