POS Timeout Error

"Your POS has timed out and is not allowing us to enter this order. Please manually enter the order in your POS."

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Why am I getting a POS_TIMEOUT error?

POS Timeouts are caused when the POS is having trouble processing order requests. An example would be when the POS receives too many order requests and the system crashes, which is dependent on the processing capabilities of each POS system. Timeouts can also be expected when your wifi network is running slow.

If there are ongoing POS Timeout errors, our Support Team can dig into the technical causes of this, and help you work with your POS provider to reach a resolution.

How to Resolve Error Type: POS_TIMEOUT

  • Restart your POS System at your earliest convenience.

  • Try to manually enter the order into your POS. If issues persist, ensure that your internet is not currently experiencing downtime.

  • If the above steps have not resolved the issue, please reach out to our Support Team using any of the following methods:

    • Live Chat: Go to Help & Support on your Cuboh tablet.

    • Email: Send us a message at support@cuboh.com.

    • Phone: Give us a call at 855-572-8264.

    • Sharing the delivery app order code with our team will help us look into the matter and provide a solution quickly.

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