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Your new Cuboh tablet has arrived, so what now? Let's get it set up though our quick and easy process.

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Cuboh uses Lenovo M8 tablets, which are enterprise-grade tablets designed for use in restaurant environments. We've worked hard to ensure that the set up process is quick and easy. Before you get started, please ensure you have the following items in your tablet shipment.

Detailed Set Up Guide

Now it's time to set up the tablet, you may need to plug it in to a power source to get started as not all devices arrive pre-charged. Once the device starts up, please follow the detailed process below to get it ready for action.

  1. On the "Hi there" page, select your language region, then hit "Start".

  2. If you intend to use your device on a WiFi network, when prompted to connect to a mobile network, tap "Skip" in the bottom left corner.

  3. When prompted, select your restaurant's WiFi network from the list of available options.

  4. The device will now check for system update, this typically takes 5-10 minutes.

  5. Next, you'll be prompted to configure your device for use with Cuboh. To ensure that the device works perfectly with Cuboh, it has been linked to our organization and will remain managed by our IT team to keep everything up to date and help you solve any problems that may arise. When the device prompts you with the Organization Information, tap "Next".

  6. After a moment, you'll be prompted to "Set up your work device", you can now review the terms of service from Cuboh and Google, should you agree, then tap "Accept & continue".

  7. You'll then be reminded that this is managed by Cuboh, after-which you can tap "Next".

  8. The tablet will present their different device options, for uninterrupted service and support, please leave all of the toggle's enabled, then hit "Accept".

  9. The device will now check for a few more application updates, this typically take 5-10 minutes.

  10. Now it's time to install the apps used by Cuboh. Tap the "Install ▶︎" button on the "Work Apps" to set started. Cuboh installs two apps onto the device:

    1. EMM Companion: This helps us set up and manage the device, as well as support you remotely when needed.

    2. Cuboh: This is our app, we can't wait to help you streamline your online ordering.

  11. Next, we need to hit ""Set up ▶︎" on the Mambo card, this helps us set up and manage the device, as well as support you remotely when needed.

  12. You'll then see a prompt reminding you that Cuboh manages this device, once you've read it, tap "OK".

  13. The device is now set up. Happy Online Ordering!

If you don't see the Cuboh App after completing the install process, please allow 10 minutes, then reboot the device.

Once your device is set up, check out this article to learn about the Cuboh App. For further support, please reach out to your Cuboh Onboarding Specialist.

*Cuboh Tablets are not enrolled in a cellular plan by default and rely on WiFi. If you require a cellular plan, please contact Cuboh to discuss a solution that suits your needs. Additional costs may apply.

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