Note: For a newly imported or newly created menu, you must first add the integrations to that menu. Click the edit button on that menu, and add the 3rd party apps of your choice by clicking into integrations.

How to publish your Menu:

  1. Navigate to Menu Management on your Cuboh dashboard.

  2. (Optional) Click the Validate button beside the menu you'd like to publish to ensure there are no issues with the menu structure.

  3. Click the Publish button next to the menu you'd like to push.

    Note 1: If a menu is new or has changes that haven’t been published, the status indicators on the integrations logo will be orange, which means "modified".

    Note 2: You can PUBLISH ALL menus in the top left if you multiple menus you would like to publish

  4. A pop up will appear to let you know where this menu will be published to. Please verify that you are publishing to all the correct destinations.

  5. A notification will appear towards the top of the screen saying a menu push request has been sent to the 3rd party apps you’ve selected.

  6. Once the menu is pushed the colour on the integration will turn blue, which means "in progress".

    Note: For the status indicators to update (change colours), you must refresh the page.

  7. A successful publish will be indicated by a green circle on the 3rd party app icon

    Note: An unsuccessful menu publish will be indicated by a red status indicator on the 3rd party app icon. Reach out to support if this occurs.

  8. Check your live menus on the integrated delivery apps to ensure they look good!

    Please note that any menu images uploaded to Doordash are subjected to review and approval by Doordash guidelines which can take up to 72h to be processed.

Watch the video on how to publish your menu:

Please note that if you publish item changes to your menu through Menu Management, you still need to synchronize, map, and publish your new items as normal. See here for more on how to map menu changes.

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