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Revel Menu Hours Error

Your Revel Menu Hours are currently preventing online orders from being entered. These steps will help you align your Online Menu Hours.

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The Revel Menu Hours error occurs when Cuboh sends an online order to Revel, but your Online Menu is closed and unable to accept orders.

How to Resolve Error Type: 'Revel Menu Hours'

  1. In the Revel Management Console ([yoursubdomain], navigate to Settings.

  2. In the upper right corner of the settings page, click Time Tables :


  3. Click + Add a Timetable:


  4. Select each day of the week and enter the times that your business is open. If your business is closed on a specific day, do not click that day to enter any hours. If your business is open seven days a week for the same times each day, you may select All at the top and enter your hours of business:


  5. After entering your store hours, set a Start and End Date for your work year. If you are open year-round then you can add Jan 1 to Dec 31. If your business is seasonal, click + Add a Timetable again to add another timetable as needed. Please note that your Revel Online-Menu hours must match your delivery app hours.

  6. Finally, click Save to save your timetable.

Please note that your Revel Online-Menu hours must at least match your delivery app hours. This is to avoid having Revel reject orders if they are placed outside the specified Online-Ordering hours. We recommend setting your hours to be open for all 24 hours of the day, however. Click here for additional resources on how to change your Revel Online-Menu hours.

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