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Modifier Groups

Cuboh's Menu Management tool lets you create your single source of truth menu -- here's how to manage your modifier groups.

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Modifiers give your customer a way to modify or add onto the items they order. These could include things like adding extra cheese, substituting for a non-dairy milk, or bundling in a dessert.

Modifier Groups are made up of modifiers. They can be used on several items -- this way, you don't need to create each individual modifier for each item.

Adding a new modifier group

  1. Click on the plus sign icon to the right of a menu item.

  2. Input your modifier group name, description, and minimum/maximum rules.
    Note: minimum/maximum rules tell your customer how many modifiers they can choose in that group. For example:
    - Minimum: 1, Maximum: 1 means they can only choose one modifier in the group.
    - Minimum: 0, Maximum: 3 means they can choose up to 3 modifiers, or none at all.
    - Minimum: 0, Maximum 0 means they can choose as many modifiers as they want.

  3. Click Save.

Editing a modifier group

  1. Click on the edit icon to the right of your modifier group name.

  2. From the edit page, you can adjust the modifier group's:

    1. Name

    2. Description

    3. Minimum/maximum rules

    4. Linked main items

    5. Linked modifiers

  3. Click Save.

Deleting a modifier group

  1. Click on the trash can icon to the right of your modifier group name.

  2. Click Ok to confirm.

Please note that if you publish item changes to your menu through Menu Management, you still need to synchronize, map, and publish your new items as normal. See here for more on how to map menu changes.

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