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Managing Scheduled Orders from the Cuboh Tablet
Managing Scheduled Orders from the Cuboh Tablet

Manage Scheduled Orders using the Auto-Print Scheduled Orders functionality, or by setting up Default Snooze Minutes.

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Scheduled Orders Overview:

When Scheduled Orders come through, you have a couple of options: You can have them Automatically Print as soon as the order is placed, or you can manage this order with Snooze Minutes.

Option 1: Auto-Printing Scheduled Orders

General Settings > Auto Print Scheduled Orders: When auto print scheduled orders is enabled, an order will print as soon as it comes in. So, if someone places an order at 9am and plans to pick it up at 2pm, this ticket will print at 9am. The same will be the case if the order is placed hours or days before its scheduled preparation!

If you would prefer to delay the printing of those tickets so that they are printed at a more appropriate time, you would want this toggled to inactive. You’ll also want to set up a Default Snooze time for these orders.

Option 2: Setting Up Default Snooze

Under General Settings > Default Snooze, you’ll be able to configure the preferred time between "snoozing" a notification before a scheduled order prints.

When a scheduled order appears, you’ll always get an option to snooze that order for a later time, or select to have it auto-send to the kitchen at a scheduled time. If you decide to snooze the order, it will remind you again after your specified snooze time, like an alarm clock would.

Final Notes:

Take a moment to think about which process works better for your restaurant. If you decide you want Scheduled Orders to print immediately, you can activate Auto Print Scheduled Orders. Alternatively, if you want to manage when these Scheduled Orders Print, you’ll want to Set Up a Default Snooze Time and ensure that “Auto-Print Scheduled Orders” is inactive.

Setting up Snooze Times can be challenging — please do not hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions!

Next Steps:

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