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Managing your 3rd party apps from the Cuboh Tablet
Managing your 3rd party apps from the Cuboh Tablet

The Cuboh Tablet allows you to manage all of your online storefronts from the Integrations Tab.

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Activating or Deactivating your Storefront from the Integrations Tab.

On the Cuboh Tablet, your Integration Status will determine the status of your App Menus at any given time. When your Integrations active, this means business as usual, and you will receive orders based on your normal business hours.

Under Navigation > Integrations, you’ll be able to:

  • Open or close all of the online storefronts associated with a specific restaurant merchant.

  • Open or close individual online storefronts for all merchants at once.

Toggling your Integration Statuses on or off is best used for temporary situations – say if you close down early for the night, or if you are busy and need to catch a breather.

Under Toggle by Concept, you will see your app integrations broken down by merchant. Selecting Disable All will take your selected merchant offline across all of its integrated app platforms.

Under Toggle by Integration, you will see your app integrations individually. Selecting Disable All will take any integrated merchants offline on the selected application.

Final Notes:

You will not have to do this every day – when your Online Ordering Status is active, it will be business as usual and orders will be able to come in during your normal business hours.

Please note that Activation Requests can take a few seconds to process, so please wait 30 seconds between turning stores on / off to ensure it fully processes and you’re not inadvertently left as inactive.

Next Steps:

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