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How to publish your menu mapping changes
How to publish your menu mapping changes

Publishing your menus on the Cuboh Dashboard will update Cuboh, and tell it to use this most recent set of mapping instructions.

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What is Publishing on Cuboh?

Once you've reviewed the mapping for both your Items and Modifiers, the final step will be to "sign off" on the information you've taught Cuboh by Publishing your changes on the Cuboh Dashboard.

Publishing your Menu Mapping requires:

How to Publish your Menu Mapping:

  • If the Publish button is greyed out, hovering over it will show you exactly what updates you need to make.

  • Once you've identified which areas of the Menu are still waiting to be updated, you can search for the item name in the "Name on App" Search Bar.

  • Once the remaining items or modifiers have been mapped and you are happy with your mapping, select "Publish" at the top of the Cuboh Mapping Dashboard to finalize your work!

Please note that Menu Publishes can take anywhere from 2-30 minutes depending on the size and complexity of your menu. For this reason, it is not advisable to make mapping updates while in-service as to avoid any inadvertent mistakes or misprints in the kitchen.

Need a refresher on how to manage these mapping updates? Feel free to browse our Mapping resources below!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with our support team.

We're online from 7am-11pm PST, 7 days a week and can be reached by email at, via phone at 855-572-8264, or through the Live Chat icon on Cuboh.

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