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What is Menu Management?
What is Menu Management?

Curious about how menu management can help streamline your online ordering? Here's a good place to start!

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Cuboh's Menu Management tool gives you a central hub to manage all your third party menus in one place.

Menu Management gives you the power to:

Get to know your Menu Management dashboard

  1. Menu Management sidebar. Click into the Menu section of the sidebar to access Menu Management. At this time Menu Management is only accessible on the sidebar through your Cuboh admin account.

  2. Create a new menu. The create button allows you to build a new menu from scratch. If you have multiple merchants, use the drop-down in the top right corner to select a merchant before clicking Create.

  3. Import a menu. The import button allows you to import your menu from a compatible online app or POS system. Currently supported import sources include:

    1. DoorDash

    2. UberEats

    3. SkipTheDishes

    4. Square POS

    5. Auphan POS

  4. Your Menus. These are your current menus that are connected to Cuboh. You can view and edit these menus by clicking on the menu name.

  5. Integrations. Shows the online apps you currently have integrated with each menu. You can adjust your integrations by clicking the Edit button (the pencil on the far right). The coloured indicators tell you the current status of the menu.

    1. An orange indicator means the menu has been modified since the last time it was published

    2. A green indicator means the menu has been published and there have been no changes made since.

    3. A blue indicator means a menu publish is in progress.

    4. A red indicator means something went wrong during the publish. If this happens, reach out to our support team.

  6. Enable/Disable switch. If the toggles are to the right it means that the menu is enabled and active on all the apps it's integrated with. If you're no longer using a menu, switch the toggle to the left.

  7. Edit a menu. This section allows you to change your menu settings. This includes the menu's name, description, hours, and integrations.

  8. Preview a menu. Preview what your menu will look like when a customer views it online. Please note: this can take a few minutes to load, especially if several changes have been made or it is the first time generating a preview.

  9. Publish a menu. Publishing your menu pushes it to your delivery apps. You'll have the opportunity to select which integrations you'd like to publish the menu to.

  10. Duplicate a menu. Duplicating a menu will create another copy of the exact same menu. This can be helpful if you want to use slightly different menus for various platforms, or if you're planning a significant menu change but want to keep the old menu intact.

  11. Delete a menu. If you will no longer be using a menu, you can delete it by clicking the trash can icon.

You can view all our how-to guides to Menu Management here. If you can't find the answers you need here, don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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